The place you should go before you die might be the Vatican.

The place you should go before you die might be the Vatican. There are three main examples that explain why the Vatican is the perfect choice for most people. The Vatican is rich in history with tons of artifacts. Art collections and works are showcased all through the Vatican. Every religious person can respect the position that the Vatican and the Pope hold in Catholicism. It is the smallest city in the world, some things you will want to see are located around or near the Vatican, and some are on the property.

History and culture  The word that inspired the current Vatican name was Vaticanus ager. It is a Russian word meaning a marshy area between two bridges (nicknamed Vatican Hill) next to the Tiber River. Did you know that the Vatican has no official language? The country just assumed the use of Italian for the most part. It is the smallest in geographical size and the smallest in population size in the world. Some of the most famous places to see are places like St. Peter’s Basilica (be sure to check out the Stations of the Cross statue on the left), The Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums.   Art  The Vatican Library, the Apostolic Palace, and the Vatican Gardens are some of the most beautiful places to see the Vatican City has to offer the world.

The Obelisk in St. Peter’s Park is a popular tourist stop and photo opportunity. People at the Vatican study space and astronomy from the Mount Graham Telescope located in Arizona in the United States. The Pinacoteca Vaticana Art Gallery is a little-known gem at the Vatican. The Carriage Museum is where the Papal vehicles from eras gone by are located. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is another treasure.   Religious sites  A Collection of Modern Religious Art by Greats like Chagall and Picasso awaits people interested in the Roman Catholic Religion.

The Tomb of Pope Alexander the VII is not a well-known tourist stop, but that adds to the effect of the rich Baroque effect. The Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore has a lovely statue of the Virgin Mary. It was created by two rivals who worked together to build the masterpiece. The Santa Maria della Pace has a beautiful chapel that deserves some time. Visitors say that the best place to stop for a bite to eat and soaking everything in is at the Forno Angelo Colapicchioni.