Top 10 Romantic Nations Of The world

Love and romance can literally produce glitters and spark in your life. Without pure love, people cannot live to the fullest, life would be dull and boring and there would be absolutely no charm in spending a life without the right amount of passion and tenderness.

Being expressive and vocal about love is a good thing. Your partner must know how you feel about them! A relationship can only excel if there is enough love and care instilled into it. Otherwise, after some time, the relationship would prove to be mind-numbing. Thus, you would do anything to get rid of it!

So, there are a number of nations in the world that value love and affection. These nations understand that the purest bond is sufficient to make their nation the best one in the entire world. Therefore, they promote a feeling of love without being hesitant.

If you visit such nations, you would find lovers going mad in love. Plus, they would not care about anyone else’s presence and would continue to reflect upon the Public Display of Affection (PDA). However, it only got possible due to the relaxed policies of these nations.

Hence, let’s have a look at the 10 most romantic nations in the world that are known to be the biggest promoters of affection, adoration and pure love.

So, without any further ado, here we go!


Vietnamese is an extremely popular nation in the world that is known for many things. But, the main thing for which Vietnam is popular is romance. Yes, the romance is always in the air of Vietnam and everyone could feel it.

Plus, there are a number of beautiful, picturesque and romantic locations in Vietnam that would make you fall in love again and again! Apart from that, the Vietnamese nation is very much involved in romantic poetry, and movies.

Also, Vietnamese people do not feel any hitch in grabbing their father’s scooter to go on a smooth ride with their lover. If that is not romantic, then tell me what else is!


The Irish people awestruck others by their aura, charm, and charisma that everyone instantly falls in love with them. Although for many people, the inclusion of Irish in the list of the most romantic nations in the world is a huge surprise. But, the Irish feel the opposite!

In fact, they are always in the top 3 when it comes to finding the most romantic nations in the world. While dressing up carefully and wearing the most sophisticated clothes, they are well aware of the art of wooing their partners.

The Irish people have a distinct way of attracting their lovers. They do it in the most nonchalant way, without putting too much of the effort. Their smile is enough to bring the right result!


Viking market, Trelleborg, Sweden

Swedish are not too far when it comes to love and romance. Well, the basic reason behind the Swedish becoming too successful in love is their habits! According to a survey, the Swedish men were ranked at the top due to being too helpful in the house chores.

So, what else a woman would demand? A husband who would not only take care of her rather he would be willing to finish all the house chores as well. Therefore, the Swedish husbands are regarded as the best and the most romantic in the whole world.

Thus, the women also love back their partners when they get the right assistance in almost every of the work. So, listen up boys! Cleaning up the house could be your ticket to the heart of your wives. Take notes!



Americans never shy away from depicting their love to their partners, be it in a private place or at a fully-decorated hotel. Americans are very clever and they never leave a chance to flatter their partners with the accurate words of passion as well with numerous of the gifts.

They love to visit open-air cinemas, go on regular dates to lit locations, book pricy hotel rooms and visit other countries for the celebration of their love. Candlelight dinners, lots of wine and romantic talks are the main ingredients of the love of the American nation.

A peaceful and romantic dance followed by a classy dinner is considered to be on the top of the list of every American lover.


Without a doubt, Lebanese are rated among the top 6 romantic nations in the world due to their epic stories of love and affection. The Lebanese people drool in love with their partners and literally go to any extent in order to fulfill the wishes of their partners.

If you compare them to the other Arabic nations, then you would know that they are totally different from them. They never hide their feelings and are not scared of society. They have got extremely attractive features that are enough to seduce their partners.

Lebanon is full of nightlife locations where the nights are sexy and nothing else than being gorgeous. If you are craving for love, Lebanon is the right spot to get the love of your life.


Is it possible to leave out the Brazilians when the entire topic is about love? No! Brazilians have found their place in the most romantic nations of the world due to the extreme sex appeal of both men and women.

When it is all about love and passion, they conduct the most romantic festivals to indulge in with their loved ones. Plus, their highly popular Samba Dance is a key to their romantic journeys.

They do not hold themselves when it comes to sex and kissing. Anywhere, anytime, you can catch them getting physical with each other.


French People are the most renowned figures for sensing love and passion. A number of movies have been produced, depicting the tales of love of the French men and women. When it comes to passionate dating and display of affection, they do not shy away.

They roam on the romantic streets, fully drunk, hands in hands with extreme affection and love in their hearts. The French people are known to love gourmet food, wine, and chocolates that are actually the major signs of true love.

Plus, who would not fall in love when they are around the most scenic locations? Well, the entire place is filled with romantic monuments, increasing love every now and then. Apart from that, the interesting and gripping architecture, music, art, cinema, cuisine inculcate everyone in the vibe of love.


The word ‘romantic’ itself means from or about Rome which means that each and everything at this place is a symbol of romance. The Italians are extremely lucky to be at a place that is 24/7 filled with love.

The picturesque locations and the yummy food is a definite treat for all the lovers, present in any part of the world. Thus, you can never miss this place if you are looking to hang around with your partner!

The place has got everything that a lover would demand. From lit up and unique locations to romantic accommodation, the place offers a thousand reasons to go mad in love.


The country of love; Argentina calls the lovers to illustrate their love by roaming on the beautiful streets of the country. The people of Argentina are known to be extremely romantic and passionate.

If you are searching for the truest example of love, then you do not have to go anywhere else other than Argentina. Yes, we are talking about the highly sensuous, breathtaking and romantic Tango, famous in the whole world. Plus, the people of Argentina are gifted with good-looking and extremely attractive features that their one sight is enough to make you fall in love!

There is something in the nature of Argentina that any of the lovers could easily feel. The romance is present in the air and no one can get away with it. Planning for your honeymoon? Now, you know where to head to!


Spanish people never fail to be at the top of the list when it comes to the talk of love. Well, the Spaniard folks have a great reputation in being the most honest and lovable followers of love. They love their women and men and treat them like the queens and kings!

The charming, seductive and hot appealing looks of the Spaniards can make anyone go crazy. If you are looking for the true meaning of romance, then knock the doors of the Spaniards.

Spanish language, nature, cultural heritage, food, and the amazing people are the biggest contributors to the collective romantic appeal that blossoms love in the hearts of the lovers.


Here, we have come to an end of our list that depicted the most romantic nations in the entire world. If you are looking for love, go to these locations. If you are to rekindle the spark of love, then also visit these nations for beautifying the bond of passion and love.

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